Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get through the attraction?

It takes 30 minutes to go through a haunt.
Allow this amount of time for each attraction you plan to visit.

Are the monsters allowed to touch you?

Not at all. The monsters are not allowed to touch you.

Can I get lost?

There is only one way in and only one way out.
The path is marked with which way to go so you will not get lost.

Can I wear my Halloween costume?

We would love to see your Halloween costumes, but please don’t wear a mask.

Can we take pictures?

Photography and video are strictly prohibited while in the attraction for the safety of our monsters.

Are there age restrictions?

There is no age restriction, but we suggest visiting with an adult
if you are under the age of 13.

Is Shadowlands wheelchair accessible?

Due to the rough nature of the terrain in our fields we are not wheelchair accessible.

Is there a lot of fog in the attraction?

Throughout the Shadowlands you will encounter large amounts of fog. If you have any respiratory health issues we suggest you do not participate in these two attractions.

Are there strobe lights?

There will be strobe lights throughout the attractions.
If you are sensitive to this effect we suggest that you do not participate.

Will the attraction stay open if it rains?

If it is raining the attractions will close for your safety
and the safety of our monsters. Just like Gremlins….they get angrier
when they’re wet.

is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed at any point while in the attractions.